Wedgies is a Las Vegas-based inline social media polling software company. Traditional polling software is not built for either mobile or social media environments, requires the creator to use cumbersome software, and often requires the user to leave a website to complete the poll. Wedgies instead allows you to: easily create attractive, responsive polls from a selection of templates, embed the same poll across multiple sites (WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr), allows the user to respond directly in those sites, see responses in real time (hundreds of thousands of votes in milliseconds) collated across platforms, and display these to respondents. The Company’s customers include Fortune 500 companies, such as Procter & Gamble, and media majors, for instance, the Wall Street Journal and the Times of London.

The $3bn online survey market has seen double digit growth over the past five years as traditional survey methods (email, phone) become less effective, and as corporates seek the lower cost, improved analytics and faster response time that online surveys offer.

Wedgies’ team is led by founders Porter Haney and Jimmy Jacobson who bring technology and marketing experience from firms such as Zappos and

Wedgies’ other investors include Greycroft Partners, VegasTechFund, 500 Startups and SVAngel.

In June 2018, Wedgies was sold in a private transaction and so, Battle Born Venture successfully exited the investment.