Reno, NV-based TransWorldHealth provides productivity software to the $1bn+ safety net healthcare market. The various software modules were developed in response to the identified market need for better reporting, analytics and forecasting for easier ways to improve physician productivity and to provide a solution for effective coordination of care of patients between different clinical settings. According to industry consultant Black Book, users’ greatest concerns are “unmet pleas for sophisticated interfaces with other practice programs, complex connectivity and networking schemes, pacing with accountable care progresses and the rapid EHR adoption of mobile devices ”. TransWorldHealth’s products meet each of these needs.

The platform incorporates advanced fuzzy logic matching to identify and locate patients as well as sophisticated forecasting algorithms, such as, the likely number of patients that a clinic will see in the following week. The product has an attractive user interface (UI) and allows healthcare clinic and hospital managers to evaluate and forecast their performance, whether within their clinic or across a number of clinics and hospitals, easily produce mandated reports and allocate tasks to their staff. The platform integrates with leading electronic health record (EHR) providers, rather than replacing their offerings.

TransWorldHealth’s twelve-person team is led by industry veterans Bryan Lang and Steve Kay, who have made significant personal investments in the Company. The core team previously worked together for 9 years on the scale up of Landacorp, a venture capital backed healthcare IT business, which they led through a NASDAQ IPO in 1999. Notable achievements at Landacorp include restructuring portions of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service and providing case management software to more than 60 million US healthcare users.  With 3 launched products and 10 established customers, the Company is now focused on rolling out its service to additional jurisdictions.

TransWorldHealth’s prior investors include Reno Angels, along with a number of private angel investors.