CircleIn has developed a student-to-student tutoring app that had more than 17,000 pilot users during the most recent school year. It allows students to study with one another, and to tutor one another, winning rewards in the process. Once invited into a group, students can swap class notes and access libraries of these notes from across the country.

CircleIn has shown data to support beneficial student outcomes from using the app, and it offers a “safe space” for students by using “bad word” and “bad image” screens that are immediately flagged to the relevant school. It has both Android and iOs apps available.

The Company has 4 staff members, all based in Henderson, NV and its CEO’s background is in insurance, where he built a 100+ rep team for AFLAC and was responsible for $30mn+ in enterprise sales as a Regional Sales Manager. Originally from Maryland, his passion for education came from his family of educators,, and the team relocated to Nevada in early 2017 at the request of the Clarke County School District. It has also built an impressive advisory board, one member of which is the Education Director at Microsoft, and another the former CTO of Merrill Lynch, AOL and News Corp.

CircleIn’s business plan is to offer a freemium model to the consumer and to partner with enterprise customers to offer white label and group discount rates. It is working with parent-teacher associations, schools and tutoring companies.

The online tutoring market in North America had a value of $25.27bn in 2016, and is forecast to grow by around 11% pa through 2021.

Battle Born Venture made a conditional commitment to CircleIn in October 2017.